What Can a Grand Rapids Workers Comp Lawyer Help Me that I Can't Do?

I am receiving worker’s compensation benefits now, do I need an attorney? – Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Attorney

We can help you with your benefits before they are stopped by your employer.  We can help you with worker's compensation problems before they become major problems.

Please remember that significant benefits can be lost if you do not file a...

Obtaining Worker's Compensation Benefits - Grand Rapids MI

Can a Worker’s Compensation Attorney Help Me Obtain Benefits? – Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Our office can help you obtain your worker's compensation benefits.  We are only a phone call or email from helping you.  My employers and insurance companies will deny your worker's compensation claims for no reason at all to save them...

Grand Rapids Worker's Compensation Attorney

Redemption of Worker’s Compensation Benefits – Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Often times, the insurance company and the employer will offer to redeem your worker's compensation benefits. When you redeem your benefits, you are paid a lump sum rather than payments every month. This closes your case. If you...