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Can a Worker’s Compensation Attorney Help Me Obtain Benefits? – Grand Rapids Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Our office can help you obtain your worker’s compensation benefits.  We are only a phone call or email from helping you.  My employers and insurance companies will deny your worker’s compensation claims for no reason at all to save them money.  The worker’s compensation attorneys at Krupp Law can help you with your worker’s compensation benefits and fight for your rights.

Worker’s Compensation laws are designed to help the employer and insurance company.  It is difficult or impossible from someone to get the true benefits they deserve without the help of an attorney.  An attorney can properly assess the value of your claim to make sure you are getting fair worker’s compensation benefits.

Some employers and insurance companies will avid paying your proper benefits by agreeing to pay worker’s compensation benefits on a very limited basis. This is not the law and is not fair, because the law requires payment of ALL medical bills and all lost wages if you are unable to work.

Disputes often arise about reasonable medical treatment. Also, your benefits my be cut off because an independent medical examiner says you can work.  We can help you with these issues.

Workers compensation law allow an insurance company and employers to reduce your worker’s compensation benefits if you are found to be only partially disabled. This is based on your post-injury wage earning ability. The worker’s compensation attorneys at Krupp Law can explain to you how to protect your worker’s compensation benefits.

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