What does worker’s compensation benefits pay?

In Michigan, injured workers are entitled to:  Wage loss benefits — In general, injured workers receive 80 percent of the after-tax value of their average weekly wage for the highest 39 out of the 52 weeks preceding the injury. There are limits on wage replacement benefits. The maximum benefit rate is 90 percent of the state average weekly wage for the year prior to the injury.  Medical treatment — Workers’ comp pays for the cost of medical care for the injury, including surgery, doctors’ appointments, medications and, in some cases, medical equipment and prostheses. You must see your employer’s doctor for the first 28 days of treatment, but may change to your own doctor after this period. There are caps on the cost of medical care.  Vocational rehabilitation — Workers who cannot return to their previous jobs may receive vocational training for up to 104 weeks. This can include job training and job placement assistance.